How To Earn Up To ₦100,000 Monthly Without (Registered) Referrals On Feelapy!

Hey, “Done Will” from Feelapy here, today I would be sharing with you how you can earn up to ₦100,000 monthly as a member on Feelapy  and without  referrals.

I will be sharing with you how you can earn a fair amount on a monthly basis by just referring people to the website even though they didn’t register any accounts on the platform.

PLEASE NOTE: Referrals” on Feelapy means people who visit our website via your referral link whether they register an account or not! This is the what we are referring to here in this posts as “Referrals

By now, I expect you know that referring people to Feelapy is the basic earning method on Feelapy. As stated here, Feelapy pays you a whole ₦50 for every unique person who visits the website via your referral link from anywhere on the internet.

While this is seemingly simple and quite straightforward, it could be tempting to believe that one could earn up to ₦100,000 by gathering ₦50 per referrals.

Well, the question that should come to mind here is, “How many unique referrals do I need in a month to earn ₦100,000 monthly on Feelapy?”, you got that question right?

Okay, let’s do a little bit of arithmetics here:

If you earn ₦50 per unique referral, then how many unique referrals do you need to earn ₦100,000?

If 1 referral = ₦50 then “x” referrals = ₦100,000.

So 50X = ₦100,000

X = 100,000/50

= 2,000 referrals!

So in all, you need 2,000 referrals to earn ₦100,000 on Feelapy as a member on the platform in a month.

Now in your imagination, you are thinking, “how on earth can one get such a large amount of referrals for free?”

Well, lets still break it down!

2,000 referrals per month simply means about 70 referrals per day.

So let’s break that down and see all we need to do on a daily to achieve this by month endings.


1 . Join 10 Facebook groups built around “how to make money online” or “Online Businesses” each with at least 20,000 members, this could be open, closed or even private groups so long as the groups allow sharing of posts and external links ( in the comment section ) and they all base on “Making Money Online“.

We have some recommended Facebook groups to join listed here!

  1. On a daily basis and on each of the Facebook groups, share posts regarding how to make money online, follow this guide to learn how to write your posts.  Share this post just “once” per day on each of these groups.
See an example of such posts that will convert well below:
This post had about 134 comments under 22hrs as ypu can see!
  1. Ensure you post at a good interval on a daily basis and be consistent.
  1. Try to make your posts short, and quickly bring out the triggering part of it but don’t promise more than it’s attainable, be realistic!
  1. On each of the posts you create, ask interested group members to “Ask For  Link” which is our website link and which is the same thing as your referral link.

*Avoid posting your link in the body of the post in the group and especially on your timeline, you might get banned from using certain features on Facebook.

  1. Repeat the same post on other groups until it’s up to 10 different groups each with not less than 20,000 members. That’s all! You have done the most part of it for the day, the next thing is;
  2. Check back on your notification tab to see notifications from your posts and be as fast as possible to reply who ever asks for link to register, reply as many people in your post comments as possible with your referral link.
  3. If you were once paid by Feelapy, then always or make it most of the time to include your payment proofs, but do not use another person’s payment proofs in your posts, be realistic again!

The payment Proofs, if any, should show your Feelapy Account name and profile picture which should be the same or closely similar to the account on Facebook which you are posting from.

Include as much details as possible regarding the payment if you have any, if I were you, I would take every screenshots that relates to the payment both from my Feelapy Affiliate Dashboard and the credit alerts on my phone.

9. Try changing your post format, like using only text at some points, then “text on background”, and texts with images other times.

10. Don’t spam, so post only as mentioned in (1 & 2) above.


11. In addition to joining the Facebook groups, also join groups on WhatsApp, Telegram and other social media platforms’ groups where you can easily meet with people of similar interests.

So let’s see how much time you need and how many referrals you could get per day by following the above guidelines!

Posting to 10 Facebook groups once on a daily means posting 10 times per day right?


Do you notice that creating a Facebook post typically takes between 2 – 5 minutes?

So let’s say 3 minutes here, so that creating 10 times per day would be around “30 minutes” per day! Yeah, just as little time as that!!

…and that’s it!


Well, from my personal experience among other statistics gathered, I have noticed getting 5 – 50 referrals to a website including Feelapy on every posts I create in a Facebook group with not less than 20,000 members.

Sometimes, these referrals do not necessarily have to comment or even “Like” the posts, but they simply click on the link from the comment section to learn more.

Also, I typically reply to everyone who asks to learn more about the business even after seeing my link, so I also replied with the same link asking this one to click and learn more, by doing that, other readers scrolling through would easily notice my link and would easily get to see my link.

This is based on the fact that there are more people who read through your posts without reacting than those who react.

So let’s put it that we would generally be able to get just as little as 7 referrals per post we published in the groups, that is just around “the least possible” referrals.

So 10 posts daily would mean 10 × 7 = 70 referrals.

Now if you were also participating in WhatsApp groups among other platforms, then you could easily get more than that.


Well, basically we could say you have earned ₦50 × 70 = ₦3,500

…and in a month you would earn at least ₦100,000 all!

Such is a good pay!

However, this will only be true if Feelapy does not detect fake or self clicks on your links.

So to prevent anything from stopping your payment or getting it drastically reduced;

1 . Do not click on your referral link to visit any pages or posts on Feelapy, the system will know this.

  1. Do not encourage people to click on your link purposely just to get massive referrals.

Feelapy will also track this and will filter your real referrals only, and this is the only payment you will expect.

In all, do not use any other means to get referrals through your link to Feelapy if you know within yourself that you are not being realistic – Do not say I didn’t tell you this!

Wao! You simply have earned ₦100,000 just by working less than an hour daily with Feelapy, I call that a good pay!


Earning on Feelapy has always been easier than you could have had on any other platforms. Feelapy is one of the first of it’s kind to pay members per referrals they to the website even when these referrals don’t necessarily create any accounts.

If you could carefully and consistently follow this tutorial as explained from the beginning, then you have everything to be grateful of, by doing being a member on Feelapy.

I wish you happy earnings!

Abdulrazaq Ahmed